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Maat Technology LLC (和諧科技有限公司 )
We're your premier Southern Taiwan, end-to-end Business IT solutions provider - we strive to meet all of your organization's technology needs with exceptional value and excellent service.


Maat Technology offers the following IT solutions, and many more, for your organization!

Professional and Managed IT Services (Hourly or Flat Rate Services Available)

  • Server & Network Maintenance
  • Monitoring, and Support
    • Active Directory, Open Directory, or LDAP
    • Mail (Exchange), SQL, FTP, Printing, Files, Apps, Security
  • End User Workstation Support
  • Hardware Diagnostics & Repairs
  • Installation, Configuration, I mplementation, and Maintenance,  for popular business information systems:
  • Virus/Spyware Prevention & Removal
  • VoIP Phone Systems
  • Server Virtualization (VM)
  • Software Installations & Upgrades
  • Backup Management Services
  • Data Recovery
  • System(s) Evaluations/Recommendations
  • IT Vendor Management
  • IT Project Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Mobile Devices (Sales, Configuration, Management, & Support)
    • Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc)
    • Google Android
    • Microsoft Windows Mobile
    • RIM Blackberry
  • Winand Macapple_64.pngdesktop and server support (and integration)  

We offer many hosted managed IT services in the cloud!   ​

  • Email (Microsoft Exchange Online or Google Apps)
    • Cloud Email Archiving
    • Fax-to-Email
    • Secure Emailing
  • Intranet (Microsoft SharePoint)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) [via Microsoft Dy namics CRM Online]
  • Phone System (various Cloud PBX solutions)
  • Hosted Electronic Faxing Services (eFax)
  • Secure Instant Messaging (Skype for Business)
  • Cloud based document collaboration (One Drive for Business or Google Drive)
  • Cloud based Workstation and Server Backups


Maat Technology is a licensed, registered, and partnered reseller for many popular vendors to better meet your all your IT needs:

  • Computer workstations, laptops, etc.
  • Servers, also Managed Systems and Appliances
  • Networking Equipment
  • Power Management
  • Software (Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, VMware, Corel, Intuit, and many others)


...and more:

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP), Television, and many other Services
  • Managed Print Services
  • Security and Premises Access Control
  • Referral Services:
    • Website Design/Maintenance
    • Building Wiring
    • Physical Security & Safety


Diverse experience from working with many different types of organizations:

  • Manufacturing
  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Finance
    • Private Equity
    • Venture Capital
    • Specialized Financial Service
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Real Estate
  • Architecture & Design
  • Health Care 
    • Medical
    • Dental
  • Government
    • Department of Defense
    • Education (K-12 & Higher Education)  
  • Non-Profits
    • Community Organizations
    • Museums
  • Family Offices
  • High-End Personal & Residential Consulting
    • SOHO
    • Home Automation, etc


Interested? Contact Maat Technology - 7 days a week!

Call +886 (070) 1017-9611  or email